What is a cat cafe?

A cat cafe is part cafe and part cat adoption center. There will be a cat lounge area housing adoptable cats and a separate cafe/bar where you can purchase drinks and snacks. 

when are you opening?

In May 2018, we successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign and met our $25,000 goal! Now we are in the process of securing the remaining funds, finding the perfect location, and tackling all of the remaining permits, licenses, etc. As of now, opening date is to be determined, but we plan to be open by Spring 2020.

Yes! We will be partnering with a local shelter who will provide adoptable cats that will reside at the cafe until they are adopted.

Are the cats up for adoption?

No, the cats at the cafe come from a local shelter and are up for adoption. 

Can I bring my own cat?

The food will be prepackaged and prepared in a completely separate area than where the cats are. Visitors will have the option to have food and/or drink in the separate cafe/bar area or they can take it into the cat room. 


Reservation fees help us take care of the cats, who will live with us until they are adopted. We will be providing food, litter, and care for them 24/7.

Why do I have to pay to come play with the cats?

Whatever you want! You can simply go and play with the cats, or you can play games, read books, take advantage of our free Wi-Fi, or grab a drink. We will also be hosting special events such as movie nights, trivia nights, and yoga.

What do you do at a cat cafe?